Flip A Video Upside Down

If you attempt to play a digital video file on your computer and the video plays upside down, this is likely due to the graphics card or the video drivers that are installed on your computer. In order to view the video properly, you must flip the video right-side up. You can use the same methods to flip the video upside down if you have a desire to play it upside down on the screen.

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5. Flip the video. In iMovie, click the crop tool on the toolbar and several options appear on the video screen. Click either the right or left rotating arrow twice to flip the movie upside down. In Movie Maker, go to the “Tools” menu and click “Effects” to open the “Effects” pane. Drag the “Rotate 180” effect down to the clip that you want to flip upside down on the timeline.

6. Save the flipped movie. In iMovie, go to “Share > Export Movie,” name the movie file and click “Export” to export to your hard drive. In Movie Maker, go to “File > Publish Movie,” enter a name for the movie file and click “Publish” to publish to your hard drive.

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