Flip A Video Sideways

Flip a Video Sideways

Video captured through a video camera or found online is usually in landscape orientation and right-side up on the screen. If you would like to change the orientation of a video, such as flipping it sideways for dramatic effect or some other purpose, you can use a program with orientation tools. While many of the programs that provide these tools are designed specifically for changing video orientation, some video-editing programs provide tools to flip video sideways as well.

InstructionsOpen.” Click any of the seven buttons that appear on the screen to rotate the video in the direction shown on the button image.

4. Get the BitPlayer Media Player for Mac systems. Open BitPlayer and go to “File” and “Open” to begin playing the video file you would like to flip sideways. At any time while the video is playing, click “Window” and select “Show Info,” and then press “Command + I.” Go to the “View” tab in the window that opens, click any of the orientation buttons that appear on the screen to rotate the video sideways, and then go to “File>Export Movie” to save the changed video file.

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