Fix Voice Out Of Sync In Video Edited Movies

Most people do not realize that the audio and video inside of any file are two separate streams. This means that when someone tries to play an edited movie, the video starts and then the separate audio starts after. Because of this, it is very easy for the audio to play out of sync with the video. This can be very frustrating, making some edited movies completely unwatchable. Fortunately, this problem can be very easily rectified.


1. Visit and download the free Media Player Classic program.

2. Double-click the Media Player Classic icon after you have completed the download to open the program. Click File and then click Open. Search your computer’s hard drive for the edited movie file. Double-click the file to open it in the media player.

3. Watch the movie until you notice the audio falling out of sync. Pause the video and click the View tab at the top of the screen. Scroll through the menu and select Options.

4. Scroll through the options at the left of the new window. Click Internal Filters and then click Audio Switcher.

5. Highlight the box in the middle of the window labeled Audio Time Shift. Next to that is a value box. Place a number in the box to adjust the audio; 1000 ms is the equivalent of 1 second of video. Click Apply, and then check to see if the audio is in sync with the video. If it is not, repeat the steps and adjust the audio further.

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