Fix The Error E68 On Xbox 360

A defective hard drive causes an Xbox 360 E68 error.

The Xbox 360 uses a hard drive to run the game console’s operating system. A defect in the wiring of the hard drive can cause it to malfunction, resulting in an Error E68 message being displayed on the startup screen. You can repair the hard drive yourself so that the Xbox 360 can be used again. You will need some common household tools, and the slight modification made to the hard drive can be removed in case you need to take the game console in for a warranty repair at a later time.


1. Disconnect all cables from the Xbox 360. Put a bath towel down on a table. Stand the Xbox 360 vertically on the bath towel so that the hard drive compartment is at the top.

2. Press down on the latch near the edge at the top of the hard drive compartment with your fingers. Pull the hard drive compartment up and off of the Xbox 360.

3. Put a bath towel down on a table. Place the hard drive compartment down vertically on the bath towel with the hard drive farthest away from you.

4. Wrap a piece of aluminum foil around one of the ends of the toothpick. Cut the toothpick in half using the scissors.

5. Locate the small hole in the rightmost corner of the edge of the hard drive that is closest to you—the hole is next to the left side of the oblong black connector that is attached to the right bottom corner of the hard drive.

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6. Insert the foil covered end of the toothpick into the hole. Wedge the end of the toothpick into the hole so it doesn’t move.

7. Put the hard drive compartment back onto the top of the Xbox 360. Press down on the hard drive compartment with your fingers until it clicks into position.

8. Reattach the cables to the Xbox 360. Turn the Xbox 360 on and enjoy using it again now that you have fixed the Error E68 problem.