Fix Runtime Error R6002

Fix Runtime Error R6002

The Runtime Error R6002 is an error that occurs because of bugs and problems in a program that your are attempting to run. Runtime Error R6002 will manifest itself in a variety of ways in your computer, such as slow boot up times, program freezes and lock-ups and sluggish performance. Runtime Error R6002 points to a registry problem. When you install and remove programs, components of these programs will still be present in your registry system, which is an area of your computer that maintains this type of data. As more programs are installed and removed, the registry system becomes clogged as these components overlap, leading to a corrupted registry. This will cause errors as you attempt to run programs. To remove the Runtime Error R6002, you will need to run a registry scan, using a number of free registry scan and repair programs available online.



1. Visit the CCleaner Website (Resource section has site link) and download the program. Locate the Ccleaner file and double-click it to run the file. The installation wizard will appear. Follow the onscreen instructions to install the software.

2. Double-click the CCleaner Windows desktop icon to open and run the program.

3. Locate and click the “Registry” icon and click the “Scan for Issues” button. This will start the registry scan.

4. Insert a check mark by the registry errors found. Click the “Fix Selected Issues” button. Back-up your registry system by clicking “Yes” in the prompt box.

5. Click the “Fix All Selected Issues” button and click “OK” in the “Fix All Selected Issues?” prompt to fix the registry.

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Eusing Registry Cleaner

6. Visit the Eusing Registry Cleaner Website (see Resource for site link) and download the program file. Double-click the file to run it. Follow the program’s instructional steps in the installation wizard to install the program.

7. Double-click the Eusing Registry Cleaner desktop icon to open and run the program.

8. Insert check marks in the options under the “Select the Sections to Scan” section.

9. Click “Scan Registry Issue” under the “Tasks” category.

10. Choose the registry error you want to repair and click “Repair Registry Issue,” which is under the “Tasks” category.

RegVac Registry Cleaner

11. Visit the RegVac Registry Cleaner Website (see Resource section for site link) and download the program file. Find the file after downloading it and double-click it to run it. Follow the installation wizard’s steps to install the program.

12. Double-click the RegVac desktop icon to run the program.

13. Click the “Scan and Clean” button. The program will scan your registry.

14. Click the “Clean Registry” button to fix your registry.

15. Click the “OK” button in the dialogue box.