Fire Effects For Puppet Stages

Create fire effects for your puppet stage.

Puppet shows are a popular past-time for many children. If you want to help your children create fire effects for their puppet stage, but don’t want them to play with real flames, some great ways to create the illusion of fire without using matches exist.

Artistically Inspired Flames

One of the simplest ways to create fire effects for a puppet show is to make an artistic representation of fire and flames. This means getting out your scissors and construction paper (or cloth, if you prefer) and cutting out forms of curly flames. Spruce up the flames by adding paper or fabric of different colors. You don’t have to make perfect or accurate flames: these artistic flames create a theatrically artsy aura for your puppet play.

Flames with Wind

If you want a more realistic representation of fire for your show, creating flames that billow with wind is a great option for you. Place fans or a hair dryer with a diffuser attachment either in front of or behind the stage. Cut out strips of lightweight fabric and secure them to the stage. When it comes time for the flames to appear in the show, turn on the fan or hair dryer and the wind makes your flames wave like real ones.

Flames with Light

If you don’t have the time to assemble a rig for air blown flames, you can easily create the illusion of flames with light. Simply string yellow or orange lights either along the front or behind the stage. Cut flame tongues out of red, yellow, and orange tissue paper. Crinkle the tissue paper and secure it to the stage over the string lights. When you turn on the lights, they illuminate the tissue paper, creating the effect of fire.

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Light and Dry Ice

If you find the preceding options too simple for special effects, this final flame idea should cater to you. Place a string of orange, red, or yellow flickering lights along the front or back of the stage. Purchase dry ice and carefully put it into a thin trough of water. Turn on the lights and the smoky fog will flash the colors of flames, giving the illusion of a smoldering fire.