Find The Email Address Of A Magazine Editor

Get searching!

If you can get your email straight to the correct editor at a magazine, you will have a much better shot of actually landing an assignment. When your email first passes through filters like a general inbox and interns, the chances are much reduced. If you are clever, you can skip these middlemen by discovering the formula for the magazine’s email addresses.


1. Start by looking for the email address of the editor in chief. This is sometimes given on the “Letters to the Editor” page.

2. Search for addresses in the latest copy of the magazine or on the website for the magazine. You are looking for web addresses with names rather than “,” which goes to a general box.

3. Look for a section of the website that is directed at advertisers. You may be able to get several direct email addresses for advertising.

4. Study the addresses you find to determine the pattern. Many magazines use systems like or Not all of them are like this, but they are almost all formulaic.

5. Apply the formula to the editor that you want to reach (get her name off the masthead). Now when you send an email, you have a better chance of it getting where you want it to go.

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