Find Free Video Editing Software

Find Free Video Editing Software

Video editing software has come a long way. A good editing program allows you to professionally edit and add big budget movie effects to videos right on your home computer. Many quality video editing programs can cost hundreds of dollars. Luckily, there are free programs available. Many free video editing programs offer the same features as expensive editing programs. The following steps will show you find and download free video editing software.


1. Avid FreeDV

Log on to your internet browser and conduct a search for the “Avid FreeDV” video editing software. This software allows you to both edit and add effects to videos.

Note: Avid FreeDV is available for PC and MAC users.

2. FreeWare

Freeware is software programs that are developed by an individual or a company that allows users to download and use their fully functional software for free. There are many freeware programs for video editing software available on the web. For your convenience I have included a few such websites that offer freeware versions of video editing software in my resources section below.

3. Free Trial Versions

Many big name video editing software companies offer a functional trial version of their editing software. You can find a long list of free downloadable video editing programs by logging on to a website such as This website offers the occasional full version of video editing software but mostly offers trial versions. These trial versions are actually very useful in editing videos. The only downside is that most will add a watermark or limit the amount of video you can edit while in trial mode.

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4. Browse Your Computer

Most operating systems(including windows XP) come with free video editing software built right in to them. If you have a PC with windows XP installed, you should already have the “Windows Movie Maker” video editing software. To check, simply click on the “start” on the bottom left corner of your desktop, select “all programs” , and browse through your programs for the “Windows Movie Maker” home video editing software.

If you are a Mac user, your computer should already be installed with the “Apple iMovie”. This is a great piece of software for any amateur movie maker/video editor.