Film & Video Production Colleges

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Film and video production is an exciting career path that offers a number of opportunities. Not only does it open the door to work in television or movies, but there are a large number of other jobs that are connected to the video production aspect. Working in this field requires special skills that might not be taught at every university. This makes it important to research which colleges have a good film and video production program.

Collins College

Collins College is a university that specializes in film and video production courses. Collins has two locations; one in Tempe, Arizona and one in Phoenix, Arizona. Students attending these locations can obtain either an Associate’s in Digital Video Production or a Bachelors in Arts in Film & Video Production. The school also offers a number of other degree programs for other careers in the technology and interactive media fields.

One of the best things about Collins is that it offers courses for every aspect of film and video production. Whether you want to learn operate motion picture cameras, become a special effects artist or even just want to learn the basics of being a producer, Collins has a course that will set you on the right path.

Collins College

Liberty Cotton Center

4750 South 44th Place

Phoenix, AZ 85040


The Art Institutes

The Art Institutes teach students everything they need to know about a wide range of artistic career choices. Although many people recognize the name from their fashion and decorating courses, the school also offer many courses centered around film and video production. Degree choices include Video Production, Digital Media Production, Film and Digital Filmmaking, among others.

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The key advantage to The Art Institutes is its location. The school has locations in many major cities across the United States, and currently teaches class in 22 States, plus online. Many people prefer this convenience over relocating to attend a specialty school.

The Art Institutes

350 N. Orleans Street, #136

Chicago, IL 60654


Computer Career Institute

Not much is recorded on actual film anymore. Everything is recorded in digital format these days. That’s a fact that John Hopkins University realized when it started the Computer Career Institute. Attending these specialized courses will give students an advanced education in either producing or editing digital audio and video. Other courses can give students expertise in special effects, 3D animations and multimedia design. The Computer Career Institute is made available at two John Hopkins locations–in Baltimore, Maryland and in Columbia, Maryland.

Computer Career Institute

John Hopkins University

2400 Boston Street, Suite 101D

Baltimore, MD 21224