Film A Skateboarding Video

Whether you want to get sponsored or just immortalize yourself on video, you may want to film yourself skateboarding. With just a few basic steps, you can have your amateur video looking professional in no time.


1. Watch a few skateboard videos on DVD or the Web to get an idea of shoot your own video. Take notice of the tricks, shots and angles.

2. Find a friend to shoot you skateboarding. They should alternate holding the camera still and following you with it. Also, try shooting a few shots with a tripod to keep the camera totally still.

3. Start filming before the trick starts and keep rolling after the trick is over. This ensures the entire sequence is caught on film.

4. Perform your best tricks in several locations. Film a variety of tricks, and try to pull off ones that are unusual or difficult. If there are any stunts you want to try for the first time, make sure the camera is rolling.

5. Add your personality to a video you want to use to try to get sponsored. Skate companies receive dozens of videos a day, so you must make yours stand out. While the focus must be on skating, feel free to add funny or personal clips.

6. Watch all the footage you shot and select only the best to include in the final video. You might want to have a friend not involved in the filming help you decide.

7. Keep it short if you plan to send it to a skate company or post it online. You want to hold people’s interest, while showing off your talent. If the video is for personal use, you can make it longer, but a video for a potential sponsor should be between one and five minutes. Try to keep it around two minutes.

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8. Use editing software to piece together your best footage. Make sure you put in anything that will draw attention, even if you don’t land it perfectly.

9. Try to include at least one long sequence shot in a single take. Make this totally spectacular and show you can land something awesome. Edit out any pushing, as this isn’t needed to show skateboarding skill.