Extract Video From A Dvd On A Mac

Easily convert your DVD collection to digital files on your Mac.

Extracting, also known as ripping or copying, DVD video onto your Mac is a more difficult process than ripping a CD. CDs are designed to be easily copied by programs like iTunes to a format supported by your computer and most portable digital music players. With the right software, though, you can do the same with your favorite DVD. Once it’s on your Mac, you can load it into iMovie and edit certain clips or chapters, extract audio or manipulate it with video-editing software, as you would any other video file.


Using DVD Ripper for Mac

1. Download Wondershare DVD Ripper for Mac (see Resources for a link). Click “Products” and scroll to “Wondershare DVD Ripper for Mac.”

2. Insert a DVD into your disc drive. If your DVD ripper is already running, you may have to close and re-launch it to access the DVD files. When it works correctly, the DVD will automatically load in the left pane. If it does not, click “File,” scroll to “Load DVD” or “Load DVD File” and navigate to your DVD drive. Drag the files over to the DVD ripper window to load them.

3. Click the “Format Image” icon (it will look like a small iPod Touch or iPhone) that appears to the right of the video file in the DVD ripper window. Click on the “Format” menu to select your output format from the drop-down menu. You can choose a number of formats compatible with various devices and programs, from game consoles, iPods and mobile phones to iMovie, iDVD or formats for uploading to the Internet.

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4. Click the “Options” button to adjust the resolution and bit rate, if necessary. The default options will be set to the ones necessary for your chosen file, but you can shrink the output file size by reducing the resolution or bit rate.

5. Enter an output file name. A default name in the format “DVDNAME_Title_01_01” will be given to your file if you do not wish to change it. Click “OK” when you are finished.

6. Click “Start” to begin ripping the DVD to your selected format. This process will take several minutes depending on the length of the file.

Using RipIt DVD Ripper

7. Download RipIt from The Little App Factory (see Resources for link). Install and run the program.

8. Insert a DVD into your Mac’s DVD drive. RipIt should recognize the disc automatically, if it does not, exit and relaunch the program.

9. Click the “Rip” button in the pop-up window to copy the DVD to your computer. “Rip” copies everything: the movie, special features, subtitles and alternate audio tracks.

10. Click “Compress” to create a movie file compatible with portable Mac devices, including the iPad and iPhone. Think of it like a digital copy of the movie. You will not get the extras but you will have the movie.

Using OSEx

11. Download OSEx 0.0110a1 from Pure Mac (see link in Resources) by clicking “Video” under the “Multimedia” heading and selecting “OSEx” from the list of DVD rippers.

12. Install and run OSEx. When you insert a DVD, you may have to close and re-launch the program before it recognizes the disc.

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13. Click the “Ti” button to make sure the title is checked. If you do not want to rip the whole DVD, click “Seg” and select “Chapter” to rip only designated chapters.

14. Click “Begin” and designate an output destination from the pop-up window. Your DVD will start ripping.

15. Navigate to your output destination to open and play the video file.