Extract Audio From Video With Freeware

With a program like Free FLV Converter, extracting audio from a video file is easy.

Though the Internet was once rampant with free—albeit legally questionable—music downloads, these days it’s all about music videos. If you visit a website like YouTube, downloading a music video by your favorite artist is a snap. But finding a free MP3 version of the same song is another story. Fortunately, there are dozens of free programs—such as Free FLV Converter—that make the process of extracting audio from a video file easy.


1. Download freeware from the Koyotesoft website.

Download Free FLV Converter.

2. Locate Free FLV Converter in your Windows desktop Start menu, and open it by clicking on it.

3. Click “Conversion from FLV” in the upper toolbar of the program window. A selection window will open.

4. Locate the video you want to convert, select it, and click “Open.” A new window with the title “FLV to VideoX Converter” will open. The title of the file you selected will appear in the upper pane.

5. Extracting audio from a video file takes less than 10 mouse clicks.

Click on “Format” in the lower pane. A drop-down menu will appear.

6. Click on the arrow to the right of the drop-down menu, and select “Audio Only.”

7. Click on “Output Path” in the lower pane to select a destination for the converted file.

8. Click on “Convert” in the lower right-hand corner. An MP3 version of the video will be deposited in the folder you selected, while the original video will remain intact.

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