Extract Audio From An Adobe Flash Video

Video files consist of visual and audio tracks.

The procedure to extract the audio track from an Adobe Flash video can seem confusing unless you have the tools that automate the process. Flash video files are composed of an audio and video portion that are synced to play together.

To separate the audio, you need software that can process both portions and save only the audio track in a different format. Extracting audio can be useful while video editing for creating background music, music clips or mixing audio tracks to create a new track.


Using the Web

1. Upload your Flash video to a website.

2. Locate and copy the URL of the file or the page on which the file is featured.

3. Visit dirpy.com or other website that offers software that lets users convert online media. Paste the URL into the entry box and press enter.

4. Adjust any specifications you would like, such as the start and end times.

5. Click “Download” to download an MP3 file of the video’s audio track.

Using Video Editing Software

6. Import the Flash video into your editing software.

7. Isolate the audio track of your video. This process can be as simple as deleting the video track of your video or may involve more complex steps, depending on the chosen software.

8. Export the remaining audio portion as a sound file (such as an MP3).

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