Extract A Udf File

Universal Disk Format, or UDF, is a type of disk image file used to store files on optical discs, such as Blu-Rays, DVDs, CDs, CD-ROMs and other optical media. UDF files are also writable, allowing you to record data onto the disc such as a CD-R/CD-RW and a DVD-R/DVD-RW. Magic ISO Maker is a disk image software program that opens, edits, creates and extracts disk images, including UDF files. Magic ISO Maker, the only program that extracts a UDF file, is available and downloadable online.


1. Download and install Magic ISO Maker.

2. Open Magic ISO Maker.

3. Click “Open” from the “File” menu to locate the UDF file. A folder window appears on your screen.

4. Click “Open” when you find the folder you stored the UDF file.

5. Click the “ISO Extractor” button on the toolbar to access the ISO Extractor window. The ISO Extractor button is a folder with a green arrow in the middle.

6. Select the destination directories you want to extract the contents of the UDF. The destination directory is the folder where the UDF file is located after extraction.

7. Check the “All Files” option box in the “Extract To” window to extract all files in the UDF.

8. Click “OK” to extract the UDF file.

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