Export To Dvd With Final Cut Pro

With Final Cut, you have the choice of having your motion sequence, movie or clip delivered in 1 of 3 ways. You can transcode it into a QuickTime file and post it on the Internet or you can prepare it for videotape. But, most likely, you’ll want to export to DVD with Final Cut Pro.


1. Prep your Final Cut file before you get ready to use it on a DVD authoring tool. Finish the edits on your movie, select it, in the browser, and open the entire, completed movie in the Timeline.

2. Proof the sequence one last time. Check the length of the movie and ensure you’ll have enough room on the disc.

3. Remove any extraneous in and out points that are still in the Timeline. These pesky little guys’ presence will cause the export to only output the information that exists between them, which will be a waste of your time.

4. Choose to export as a QuickTime Movie. You’re almost ready to export to DVD on Final Cut Pro but, first, you’ll have to designate a location to which your freshly exported movie will end up.

5. Save your file to the desktop. Doing this is the easiest way to remember where you sent your file.

6. Assign your settings, which should remain on Current Settings. In the settings menu, check to make sure you have selected audio before you click save, and the export to DVD on Final Cut Pro will begin.

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