Export From Avid Xpress Pro To Sorenson Squeeze 4 5

Sorenson Squeeze is a conversion application that comes bundled with Avid Xpress Pro. Video may be exported to Sorenson Squeeze in a variety of formats including .avi, .mov and Quicktime. Sorensen then converts to more compressed video formats, such as .avi and .mp4

Selecting Video

First, in Avid Xpress Pro, select the audio and video sequences from the timeline, and then open the bin where the video is stored and select the sequence.

Send To

Right click on the sequence and scroll to the “Send to” option. Select Sorensen Squeeze from the encoding menu. From here, an export dialogue will open, displaying the options for sending the file to Sorensen.


Once the appropriate options have been selected, click on “Save” and then “Save” again when the previous dialogue returns. Once this is done the export process will begin. As soon as the export is finished Sorensen Squeeze will open and begin importing. Once the import is complete the project will appear in the Sorensen job queue, and can be compressed and exported.

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