Export A Project From Fcp To Avid

FCP and Avid are two video editing options.

When working with high-end video editing equipment, you occasionally need to move a project or video file between two computer applications. Final Cut Pro (FCP) and Avid are two industry leading video editing programs used by amateur and professionals alike. It is possible to take your edited FCP material and move it to an Avid station. You just need to export it properly first.


1. Download and install the Avid codec onto your computer (see Resources). Without the codec, your Final Cut Pro software is unable to export to Avid.

2. Open Final Cut Pro and launch the project you want to export. Click “File” and “Export,” and the export options window loads onto the screen.

3. Select the “QuickTime” video option, title the video, choose “Avid DV” as the codec and click “OK.”

4. Open Avid. If you have a current project already made, select this from the load window. If not, select “New Project,” title the project, select the desired frame rate and resolution and click “OK.”

5. Click in the project bin, then choose “File” and “Import.” Select the Final Cut Pro file and choose “OK.” Momentarily, the QuickTime video loads in the screen.

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