Enhance Security Video

Video enhancement software usually requires a powerful computer.

Computer video enhancement is the process by which a computer will examine a video file and seek to improve the image by adding clarity and brightening dark spots. This allows you to see pieces of video that you may have been unable to see before. Some television shows, in particular crime dramas, show detectives using a computer to enhance surveillance footage. Although in fiction video enhancement looks flawless, in reality video enhancement is rarely good enough to create a perfect image from security footage.


1. Download and install MotionDSP vReveal Video Enhancement Software. The program was released in August 2009 and allows you to enhance video by cleaning, brightening and sharpening the image. As of October 2010, the program is free to try for 30 days, but costs $49.99 for the full version.

2. Download and install VirtualDub. VirtualDub can be used to modify existing video by changing the frame size, cleaning the image and applying various filters to help you bring out different aspects of the image. As of October 2010, the program is free to use.

3. Download and install Enhance Movie 3.0.9, found in the Resource section. Enhance Movie works on a Windows platform and is capable of increasing contrast, changing brightness and removing noise from a video. As of October 2010, the program offers a free trial version but costs $39.95 to purchase.

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