Enhance Mov Files

Screenshot of a QuickTime Movie (MOV) file

Enhancing MOV files can be done using a variety of multimedia software. Mastering software tools and techniques will not only enhance MOV files but also create a professional multimedia presentation.

What are MOV files?

Developed by Apple Inc., QuickTime movie (.mov) files are a standardized file format supported by various platforms and software programs. Widely used in podcasts, webcasts and movies, MOV files are a popular format used to distribute digital media. According to Apple Inc., MOV files are “structured like a ‘container,’ [and] can hold a variety of media types such as audio, video, text, images and sprites. Each of these media types is stored as a separate ‘track,’ which allows for both easy manipulation as well as backwards compatibility with previous versions.”

Online Tools and Software Programs

There are many tools available to enhance MOV files. Makeuseof.com lists 18 online enhancing tools to mix, edit, add effects and much more. Standard editing software programs to enhance MOV files include Adobe Premiere Elements, Final Cut Express, Pinnacle Studio, Cyberlink PowerDirector and Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum. For Professional software use Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere or Avid Professional Video Editing. Make sure the online tool or software you choose supports the MOV file format. For software programs, check computer requirements and read reviews before buying software or online tools.

Free Editing Software

Depending on how you want to enhance the MOV file, free editing software may be a good choice, such as Microsoft Movie Maker for Windows and Apple iMovie for Mac users. Others are Avid FreeDV, Wax, and Zwei-Stein. Pick one that meets your needs and is easy to use.

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Use the techniques and tools which will most enhance the MOV file. Master the timeline to start and end trim points. Apply video and audio transitions: fades, dissolves, wipes, super, freeze, film grain and brightness/contrast. All these will “wow” and captivate viewers. Add titles and text to inform viewers about specific content. Mix multiple audio tracks, combining both music and narration. Remove distracting noise and apply cutaways to avoid static, unappealing video.

Compression and Conversion

Share your work with others. Depending on how the MOV file is used, it may need to be compressed and converted into a different file format. Use free compression software like 7-Zip, WinRAR, WinZip or V2F to reduce the file size and try free conversion software at handbrake.fr, any-video-converter.com, mediacoderhq.com and mediacoder.org.


Following this strategy will successfully direct your efforts toward enhancing MOV files. Read as much as you can about which multimedia tools work best. Learn tips and tricks from others and share your knowledge. Don’t be afraid to experiment, practice and, most of all, have fun. By doing so you will achieve optimal results.