Effects To Video

Add Effects to Video

Adding effects to video is a lot easier than it used to be. Once anyone who wanted to edit video had to have access to a high-powered standalone video editing system. Nowadays, anyone with a modern PC or Macintosh computer has simple video editing and effects software at their disposal in the form of iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. Adding effects to your video in these programs could hardly be easier.


1. Bring the footage to be edited into your computer. If this footage was shot on a digital camera, consult your camera’s manual for details on importing it. If it was shot on a webcam or downloaded from the Internet, navigate to the footage on your computer.

2. Open your footage in iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. Use the “Import” command in either application, or simply drag and drop the footage into the application’s library.

3. Select the effect that you want to apply. In iMovie, open the “Effects” pane with a clip highlighted to preview the effect applied to your clip. In Windows Movie Maker, open the “View video effects” window in the “Movie tasks” pane.

4. Apply the effect. In iMovie, click “Apply” to have the effect rendered on your footage. in Windows Movie Maker, drag and drop the effect from the “View video effects” window onto the clip you want to change.

5. Now that you have applied an effect to your video, move the altered clip onto your timeline. You now have the option to export the video to camera or DVD or continue editing your video.

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