Edit With Video Pro

MAGIX Video Pro is a high-powered piece of editing software used by filmmakers to get their pieces looking their best. The program features tools to edit color, alignment, audio and more. Though there are hundreds of individual options to customize your project, some basic edits can help get you started and begin your exploration into the program.


1. Open the video in MAGIX Video Pro.

2. Click the “Effects” tab in the upper right-hand of the window.

3. Adjust the brightness or contrast under “Video Effects.” A pair of labeled sliders let you play around to find the perfect look. As with all of these edits, you will see a preview box displaying the new video to the right of the current, unedited clip to help you compare.

4. Adjust the color under “Color” and “Color Correction.” You can change hue using the color wheel or make there be more of everything using the “Saturation” slider. If you notice the reds are not coming through well, uncheck the “Remove Red Eye Effect” box.

5. Adjust the picture quality under “Distortion” and “Sharpness.”

6. Slow down or speed up the film under “Speed.” To get a preview here, you will have to click the “Play” button under the right-hand preview video.

7. Rotate the film under “Movement Effects.” Note that this will cause a loss in quality. If you only rotate it a little, you shouldn’t notice.

8. Scroll down to “Audio Effects.” Here you can add or delete sounds, change volume and adjust pitch.

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