Edit Windows Media Audio And Video Files

Turn your video files into movies with Windows Movie Maker

Windows Media Audio (.wma) and Windows Media Video (.wmv) format files are quite common. WMV files are produced natively by many cameras and camcorders, while WMA files are recognized by various portable media players. Since these files are both Windows Media types, they are most easily recognized by Windows Movie Maker (titled Windows Live Movie Maker for Windows Vista and Windows 7-based systems). Turning Windows Media files into polished movies is a breeze with this software.


1. Ensure that Windows Movie Maker is installed on your computer. Windows XP will already have this software installed, while Windows Vista and Windows 7 users may need to download Windows Live Movie Maker (see “Resources” below).

2. Find Windows Movie Maker in your “Start” menu and click it to run the program.

3. Locate the source media files that you want to use on your computer by clicking on “Start,” then “My Documents.”

4. Drag and drop the media files from their respective folders into Windows Movie Maker.

5. Arrange files in the time line and add effects where you please.

6. Save your file and begin distributing your media.

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