Edit Wedding Pictures

You can add personal touches by editing your own wedding album.

Whether you have purchased photo editing software such as Photoshop or have free photo editing software already installed on your computer, editing your own wedding photos can be cost effective and can enable you to personalize the photos. Editing your own photos instead of hiring a professional can be a big job, but it also allows you to highlight the photos you want, add accents and create a customized wedding album.


Black and White

1. Scan in any wedding photos not already stored on your computer. Save them in a folder on your desktop and name the folder “Wedding Photos.”

2. Download and install an Adobe Photoshop software trial if you don’t already have photo editing software on your computer. Use your software to crop your wedding photos, remove any red eye, and delete duplicates or photos of poor quality.

3. Open a wedding photo onto your canvas or screen.

4. Rename and save the photo so you do not save over the original.

5. Turn a photo to black and white for a nostalgic and romantic effect by selecting the “Image” tab at the top of the screen.

6. Click on “Mode” from the drop-down menu that opens and then “Grayscale” from the next drop-down menu.

7. Click “Yes” when a box opens to ask if you want to discard the photo’s color information.

New Background

8. Cut out the couple from the image to move it to another background by first choosing a scenic background such as a European village, a country field or a beach scene.

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9. Open the wedding photo in Photoshop. Cut out the couple from the wedding photo by selecting the magnetic lasso tool in the tool bar on the left side of the screen.

10. Click on the edge of the couple and slowly move the mouse around them, forming a dotted line around their image. When you reach your starting point, click to cause the cutout to form a blinking, dotted line.

11. Change to the arrow tool in the left-hand tool bar and click in the middle of the cutout couple and drag it onto the other photo. With the arrow tool still selected, alter the size of the couple to be proportionate with the new background by dragging the corners of the image of the couple in or out.