Edit Videos For An Ipod

Putting your videos on an iPod lets you easily share them with friends and family.

Modern iPods are capable of playing videos encoded in the MPEG-4 format. You not only can download videos from iTunes to play on your iPod while out and about, but you also can edit your own videos and transfer them to your iPod, share them with your friends, or both.


1. Load your video editing software, such as Windows Movie Maker, iMovie or Nero Vision. Start a new video session by clicking the “File” menu and selecting “New” or “Edit New Movie” option. Open Finder (on a Mac) or Explorer (in Windows) and browse to where the video you want to edit for the iPod is stored.

2. Drag and drop the video to edit into your video editing software. Use the software’s editing tools to make changes to the video, if needed. Consult your software’s manual for how the editing tools work, as each program is different. When you are finished editing, click “File” and select “Save” (or press the “Export” button in Nero).

3. Browse to the folder where you want to save your video and name it. Select the “AVI” or “MOV” file format, as these ensure maximum compatibility with iTunes. Click “OK” to save your video. Close your video editing software. Open your copy of iTunes.

4. Click “File” and select the “Add to Library” option. Browse to the folder where you saved your edited video. Select it and click “OK.” When iTunes has processed the video, find it in the iTunes library. Right-click on it (or Cmd-Click, if using a Mac with a one-button mouse) and select the “Create iPhone/iPod copy” option. iTunes will process the video and create an iPod-compatible version.

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