Edit Video Without Using Movie Maker

Editing video on a computer requires editing software.

Windows Movie Maker is a free video editing software program that comes standard with many of Microsoft’s software packages. It has a lot of helpful effects and is relatively easy to use, but there are many other editing software programs that you can use to edit video. Some let you control every detail from color correction to advanced special effects while others are made to help you edit a video in the fastest and easiest manner.


1. Download the VideoSpin software program by PInnacle Systems. Go to the Video Spin website. Enter your email address. Enter your name and other registration information. Click “Continue” and download the software to your computer. It saves to your desktop by default. Double click on it to open the file. Click “Purchase later” (this is a two week free trial). Import your video. Add text such as titles and credits. Add sound effects and transitions such as cross fades and dissolves. Include music files that you have stored on your computer. Click “Create File” to make your media file and save it to a destination on your computer. Click “OK” to render it. Go to your desktop and double click on your new media file. It opens and plays in Media Player.

2. Download the DebugMode Wax video editing program. Agree to the license agreement. Choose a destination location to save the program file. Click on the “Start” folder and type “Wax” in the “Search for files and programs” search bar. Double click on “Wax” to open it. Create transitions, 2D and 3D special effects. Add chroma key to your video or just perform simple video edits by importing a video and adding cuts and dissolves. Save the finished file to your computer by clicking “File” and “Save.” Choose a destination location and click “OK.”

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3. Go to the Adobe website and download a free trial of Premiere. Premiere is a professional level non-linear editing software program that lets you do anything to a clip from change its speed to changing the colors in a video. Import a video or capture video from your camcorder. Drag it to the “Timeline” and add transitions such as dissolves and fades. Create multiple windows on the video screen, add effects such as a spotlight or lightning and even create your own effects using the “Key Frame” tool. Change the levels of audio, add a voice-over and music to the video. Render it and save it to any format you like.