Edit Video With Windows Movie Maker

Edit Video With Windows Movie Maker

Youtube.com changed the way we view video. Now it is a goal for my generation to create the new viral video, and with cameras and cell phones shooting video it is possible for almost everyone. However, you may not get your masterpiece in one take, so use your existing software on your PC to edit your video into the next “woman falls off platform while stomping grapes.”


1. Import your video. So you just spend the last two hours with your friends falling off your roof onto your skateboard, and luckily for you, instead of hanging out in the emergency room where you belong, you are putting your video onto your computer. Get your video onto your computer any way you need too. Open Windows Movie Maker and click on “Capture video from device” to import your video from your camcorder or camera. A wizard will pop up; once it does choose your device to import the video. You can also import video from your already downloaded video by clicking on the Import Video link under the Capture Video tab.

2. Edit the video. Open your storyboard by clicking “View storyboard.” Your storyboard will be your timeline and where you will do most of your editing. For you movie folks we can call it your “cutting room floor.” To put your video in the storyboard, drag it from your library to the storyboard. Click the plus sign on your timeline so you can see video and audio lines. If you want to add extra audio to your piece, import it the same way you did your video.

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3. Play your video and watch for where you want to cut and delete the extraneous video. Place your timeline cursor (the blue line that crosses perpendicular to the timeline) where you want to cut your video and split it by choosing “Edit split.” Split your original video as many times as you want. Once you split the video you see the rest of the original video in your library. Delete the video you don’t want by pressing “Delete” on your keyboard.

4. Add video by dragging it to the storyboard. Make sure your cursor is where you want it on the timeline because the program will automatically place your audio track where your cursor is. You will notice your audio track goes into the audio space on your timeline. To edit audio follow the same steps as the video.