Edit Video Ts Files

Edit Video TS Files

The file that a DVD uses to store all the video, audio and data for the disc is known as an ISO, or disc image file. If you open that ISO, you find two folders, the Video_TS folder and the Audio_TS folder. The Audio_TS folder contains nothing, while the Video_TS folder contains all the disc files, including video object files, or VOBs, and disc information files, or IFOs.


Extract and Edit Files in Video_TS Folder

1. Pull the Video_TS folder out of the ISO file if you haven’t yet. Right-click the ISO file and choose “Extract Files” from the menu. The Video_TS and Audio_TS folders extract from the ISO and save into the folder containing the ISO file.

2. Double-click the Video_TS folder on your computer’s desktop. A new window, labeled “Video_TS,” opens and all the contents of the folder display on the screen.

3. Make any changes you want to the Video_TS folder. Right-click any file you want to delete and choose “Delete” from the menu or drag files to move them around in the window. Make any changes that you want and the changes automatically take effect.

Edit Video_TS Video “Import” and import the converted files to the video-editing program. Drag the files to the timeline of the video-editing program and use the program tools to make any cuts or changes to the files.

7. Save the project as a movie by going to “File” > “Publish.” Enter a name for the edited video files and choose the location where you would like to store the files on your hard drive.

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