Edit Video Text Effects

Edit the color and font of the text on your video titles and captions.

Video editing software allows you to take your home movies and footage, cut and trim them, add soundtracks and special effects, then share with others. One of the advantages to using programs like Windows Movie Maker (for PCs) and Apple iMovie (for Macs) is they allow you to add and edit text in the form of titles, captions and credits. Once you create your video, you can go back and edit the text’s font, color and size.


Movie Maker: Edit Video Text

1. Open Movie Maker and select your video. Select “Make titles or credits,” located in the task pane on the left, and select what type of text you wish to add.

2. Enter the text and click “Okay.” Click “Change the text and font color,” also located in the task pane. Select the look you want for your text, then click “Done.”

3. Add animation effects to your title by clicking “Change the title animation” in the task page. Select an animated title and click “Done.”

iMovie: Edit Video Text

4. Open iMovie and select your video. Click the “T” button (“Text”) next to the iPhoto button and browse through the text templates. Drag the template you want up to the video thumbnail in the area you want the text displayed.

5. Click and drag the ends of the blue box that represents your text to adjust where your text starts and stops. Click the blue box to view it on the right side of the screen.

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6. Edit the text, then click “Show Fonts.” Change the color, size and style, and add any effects you wish from the window that opens. Click “Done.”