Edit Video Resolution

Video files can be compressed to a lower resolution, but cannot be upgraded to a higher resolution.

When you shoot video, the resulting video files often are quite large and can take up a lot of space on your computer or external hard drive. To display these videos on the Web (for YouTube or for your own website), you first must compress the raw video files into a different format with a lower resolution. This is possible by using video editing software, such as iMovie, Windows MovieMaker or Final Cut Pro. You simply export the original video file into a more compressed format suitable for your purpose.


1. Open Windows Movie Maker. Import your Windows-compatible video file (such as .avi or .wmv ) into Windows Movie Maker. Go to the Movie Tasks pane, click “Send to the Web” under “Finish Movie” and the Save Movie Wizard appears. If you choose, you now may type a name for your movie. On the Movie Setting page, select the type of Internet connection you believe most of your viewers have. Then click “Next.” Movie Maker saves your movie, which might take several minutes, depending on the length of your movie. You then have the option to save your movie to your chosen video hosting account, such as YouTube. Follow the onscreen directions. The Save Movie Wizard uploads your movie to your video hosting provider. On the “Completing the Save Movie Wizard” page, select “Watch my movie on the Web after I click Finish,” then click “Finish.”

2. Open iMovie on your Mac-based computer. Import your Mac-compatible video file (such as .mov) into iMovie by choosing “File,” then “Import < Movies" and choose your video file. After the file opens, make sure your entire movie is selected in the timeline. Under the "Share" menu, click "Export

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3. Open Final Cut Pro on your Mac-based computer. Import your Mac-compatible video file (such as .mov) into Final Cut Pro by clicking “File