Edit Video Properties

Editing video digitally is simple.

Videos, like images, have properties such as file type, size and compression. These values can be changed, but doing so is not quite as simple as opening a file in an image-editing program and choosing new properties. You can perform property changes on videos with video-editing software, but doing so may change the quality, dimensions or other properties of the video in unexpected ways.


1. Open a video-editing program, such as Windows Movie Maker. Movie Maker is limited, however, so you may need another video program — such as Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas (see “Resources” below) — to perform complicated changes that Movie Maker does not support.

2. Go to the “File” menu and choose “Open” or “Import.” Browse to the video that you want to edit, select it and click “Open.”

3. Choose the “Save as” or “Export” option. You can alter the properties — including the file type, level of compression and the size parameters — in the window that opens.

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