Edit Video In Imovie

Edit Video in iMovie

This is the second part of my video about using iMovie. In the first part I described import video into iMovie, and now we will discuss edit the video and build your project. Here is how you do it.


1. This article assumes that you read my first article about import videos into iMovie. You can find that article here:


2. Take the video clips that you have imported and which are now in the video clips section of the iMovie interface, and drag them down into the timeline of the iMovie interface. This is the bottom section of the window. You can toggle between timeline and clips view.

3. Arrange your clips in the timeline within the order that you would like them to play.

4. Once all of your clips are in the timeline view, you can switch to the timeline view and actually lick where you want to start and end your video. Use the bar over the timeline – called the playhead, over the timeline and select your stop and end points. You can also actually click on the arrows on the bottom of the video playing in the window as well and select the stop and end point with the two triangles at the bottom. Once you have selected the point of play you want, go to “edit” and select “crop”.

5. Once you have cropped all of your videos and put them together in the sequence that you want, then you can add some effects to your video. Click on the “Editing” button to open the effects window.

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6. Using the editing tools, you can add text, effects, transitions, and audio effects. I recommend that you play around with these to see what effects you want to add to your videos. One important thing to note is the “effect-in” and “effect-out” options. If you want the effects to last the entire video, then both should be set to 0. If you only want the clip to last for a short amount of time, play with the settings to see how it looks.