Edit Video From Unprotected Dvds

It is useful for the amateur video editor to know use video from unprotected DVDs because many times one no longer has the original tapes. Capturing from pre-existing DVDs allows material to remain useful without storing it on a hard drive. This saves a great deal of hard drive space and allows amateur editors to continue to improve upon their previous efforts.


1. Insert the DVD into the computer.

2. Quit any DVD player programs that open and open the files on the DVD. On a Windows machine this can be done by going through “My Computer,” while on a Mac, double clicking on the DVD icon should open a new finder window.

3. Locate the “Video_TS” folder on the DVD. There should not be many folders on an unprotected DVD, often only “Video_TS” and “Audio_TS.”

4. Open the “Video_TS” folder. The video files are those with the “.vob” extensions.

5. Copy the .vob files and paste them to the hard drive or open the editing program that will be used and import the files directly into the program.

6. Render the .vob files on the editing software. If this is not allowed, then the files need to be stored directly on the hard drive and converted to a file the editing program is able to use. This will vary with the software being used ,so consult the editing software manuals to identify usable files.

7. Convert the .vob files to a usable format using a program such as QuickTime if necessary. Using QuickTime, open the file in question, select “Export” under the “File” tab and select the desired final file type.

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