Edit Video For Funeral Homes

Funeral videos are an important marketing tool.

Funeral homes, just like any other business, need to advertise their skills. Videos for funeral homes play a key role in marketing their services. It is essential that the video content is edited to make sure that it is appropriate for viewing both by management and potential customers. Funeral home web sites and video editing software are readily available. Online funeral homes are also available for those who want to pay tribute to their loved ones but are far away.


1. Assemble all the equipment needed to capture the video. Shoot many video clips regarding the funeral home and its management to help you select the ones to incorporate in the video. Make sure you cover every detail about the funeral home.

2. Transfer the video from your video camera to your computer. Store the video in a folder and use a password for security. Create another folder to backup your video in case your video it is tampered with or accidentally deleted.

3. Check the video editing software to ensure it has the features you need. To operate the video editing software, use the amateur video to familiarize yourself with its features. Ask for assistance if you do not know use the video editing software.

4. Drag the video icon into the video editing software and review all sections of the movie. Play the movie and choose the sections of the movie you want modified or deleted. Write down and confirm the timing of the video to ensure that you edit the right sections.

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5. Edit the sections of the movie you had recorded. Add captions and select music and other sound effects to set the mood for the video.

6. Review the whole video to confirm that you have the desired content. Make changes in the video where necessary. Recheck the video for the last time to ensure you have the information required. Burn the video on a blank DVD for storage. Present the video to the funeral home officials or the client.