Edit Video Clip By Freeware

Family movies can be given an extra-special touch with free video editing tools. A quick download session will give you the tools you need to add credits, create slideshows and add music and effects. Your completed video can be saved onto your hard drive. Upload edited video to your personal website or post it for all the world to see.


1. Visit freeware websites (see References). “Download.com” offers a list of free video editing downloads. Each program is reviewed by fellow users or a staff member for user friendliness and features. Other download sites include “Avidemux,” a website based outside the U.S. and geared toward downloading professionals. “VideoSpin” allows users to submit video clips that can be uploaded onto the web and offers a downloadable editing program.

2. Download a video editing program. Websites often provide a highlighted download tab. Click on this tab and follow the prompts from the website and Windows. In some cases you may be required to turn off Windows Firewall or a pop-up blocker to complete a download. To turn off the pop-up blocker, select the “Tools” menu from the top of your browser page and then select “Content.” Click on the “Exceptions” button next to “Pop-Up Blocker” to set your preferences. To turn off Windows Firewall, visit Windows Security Center. Select “Firewall Settings.” A list of options will appear. In a column located on the left side of the window select “Turn Windows Firewall On or Off.” Turning off the firewall will put your computer at risk. Turn it back on as soon as you are finished downloading.

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3. Upload your videos. Connect your camera to your computer using a USB cable. Upload all the images on the device. Video will automatically be filed under “My Videos” or “My Pictures.” Move your videos to the editing program by selecting and dragging or use the program’s “Add Video” function.

4. Save you edited video. Save the file onto your hard drive under “My Videos” before uploading online.