Edit Uploaded Video Messages On Youtube

You can edit videos on YouTube after you upload them.

After you shoot a video and post it on YouTube, you might realize that you need to make some edits. The first five seconds of one video may be boring, with someone clearing her throat before actually starting to talk, or perhaps the camera is aimed at the ground for the last minute of a video that you shot of your friends at the park. While editing, you can also combine multiple videos and turn them into one long video. You can easily edit your uploaded videos on YouTube.


1. Log in to your YouTube account. Click your user name at the top of the page, and then click “Videos.” Click the “Video Editor” tab at the top of the page. Thumbnails of your uploaded videos appear in the “Media Picker” section at the top of the page.

2. Click the plus sign icon at the top right corner of a video’s thumbnail to add it to the storyboard below the Media Picker. You can also click a thumbnail and drag it to the storyboard section.

3. Hover the pointer over the thumbnail of a video clip that you’d like to shorten, and then click the scissors icon that appears. The video opens in the “Clip Editor.” Two gray clip trimmer bars appear at the left and right sides below the video.

4. Drag the gray clip trimmer on the left side of the clip to the right to trim video from the beginning. Drag the gray clip trimmer on the right side of the clip to the left to trim the ending of the video. Click the “Play” button to preview the trimmed clip. Click “Save” to save the trimmed clip. The new shortened clip appears in the storyboard section, and the original video you trimmed it from remains intact in the Media Picker section.

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5. Type a name for the trimmed video clip in the “Project” box at the upper left of the page Click “Publish” to save the new trimmed clip. It will appear with the rest of your videos in the Media Picker.

6. Drag video clips from the Media Picker into the Storyboard if you want to combine multiple videos into a new longer video. Click on a thumbnail of one video and drag it to the left or the right to change its position in the timeline.

7. Click the icon of two facing triangles at the top of the page if you want to add transitions to your new video. Drag the icon of a transition effect, such as “Crossfade” or “Wipe,” between two video clips in the storyboard. Click the “Play” button for the video in the “Project” box to preview how your clips look assembled and with any transitions. Type a name for the project that you’ve made from multiple video clips, and then click “Publish.” The “My Edited Video” page opens, with a message indicating that your video is currently being processed, and that you should check back in a few minutes to view it.

8. Click your account name at the top of the page, and then click “My Uploaded Videos.” Click “Edit” under the thumbnail of your recently made video, which has the default title “My Edited Video.”

9. Type a new title for the video in the “Title” box, type a description in the “Description” box, and type keywords in the “Tags” box to help people search for your video. Click the “Category” pull-down menu and click a category for the video, such as “Education” or “Entertainment.” Click an option under “Broadcasting and Sharing Options,” such as “Public” (to let anyone search for and watch the video) or “Private” (which lets people see the video only upon your invitation). Click “Save Changes.”

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