Edit Two Video Cameras

Quickly cut together your video footage with editing software.

You can simultaneously shoot footage from two video cameras and edit your footage together in no time, thanks to advances in modern technology. What once took days and hours in post production can now be done from a laptop computer. Make proper use of your editing software to create professional-looking videos combining footage from both cameras.


1. Download the video footage to your computer

2. Open your editing software creating a “new project” that will have a new timeline. The timeline allows you to track changes while keeping your audio and video in sync. You can “lock” or “unlock” either the audio or video functions for necessary adjustments.

3. Select which shot is your master (primary establishing shot); drag and drop it onto the timeline.

4. Drag and drop the secondary shots to your timeline. The footage from each camera will show on separate tracks on the timeline.

5. Locate your starting marker, which will provide a sync point for syncing the two separate shots.

6. Cut the video with your mouse or the buttons provided in the software. Make your cuts to both video timelines, alternating between the two.

7. Perform a test run of your rough edit by clicking on the playback button.

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