Edit The Length Of A Youtube Video

Edit the length of your YouTube video using an FLV editor.

Many video sites such as YouTube use Flash Video Files (FLVs) to stream their videos. Web users download and save these videos using a variety of methods. If you need to edit the length of one of these YouTube videos, you will need to modify it using an editor that supports the FLV format. Several software companies provide FLV editors that not only edit video files, but enhance them as well.


Use AVS Video “Save Movie” to save the video.

Use Xilisoft Video Converter

9. Click “File” > “Add Files” and select the YouTube video.

10. Click “Edit” > “Clip” to open the Clip window. The video will appear in this window.

11. Click the “Set Start Point” icon.

12. Click “Play” to preview the video. Click “Pause” at the point where you want the video to end.

13. Click the “Set End Point” of the video and click “Apply.” The software will cut everything after the endpoint that you selected. Click “OK” to close the Clip window.

14. Click the “Convert” button at the top of the screen to process the changes.

15. Click “Save As” at the bottom of the screen to save the video.

Use FLV Editor

16. Click “File” > “Import FLV” and select the YouTube File. A video thumbnail will appear near the top of the screen.

17.Drag the thumbnail to the timeline at the bottom of the screen.

18. Click the “Play” button under the preview window to preview the video.

19. Click “Pause” at the point where you want the video to end.

20. Click the “Scissors” icon above the timeline. The thumbnail will split into two adjacent images.

21. Right-click the image on the right and select “Delete Selected Clip.” The program will delete everything after the point where you stopped the video.

22. Click “Export FLV” at the top of the screen to save the video.

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