Edit The Audio In A Video

Edit the audio of your video file.

Typically the audio and video of a file are saved together, allowing you to easily upload the information into a video editor without syncing the audio and video together. However, if you are looking to edit the audio saved on a video file, you need an advanced video editor (something that does not come preinstalled on your computer). When editing the audio, it is possible to completely remove the audio from the files, fade out specific areas or input new audio to the video file.


1. Launch the video editing program on your computer. Two of the more popular brands are Avid and Final Cut, although Pinnacle (a consumer friendly division of Avid) is a less expensive alternative.

2. Open the video file (select “File,” “Import”), then drag the file down to your timeline. You can see the video file in its own timeline track and directly underneath the video are two audio tracks with the audio information (two because the audio is in stereo).

3. Click the “Lock” button on the left side of the video track. This blacks out the video timeline and prevents you from editing information on the video track.

4. Click on the area of the audio track you want to remove. Press the “I” button for the first frame you want out, then select “O” on the last frame you want removed. Click the “Extract” button on the video editor (located in the middle of the screen) and the section of the audio file is removed.

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5. Place your mouse cursor on one of the locations where the audio track ends. Choose “Transitions” from the middle display and a list of the different audio transitions appears on the screen. Choose the transition and the length you want it to last and click “OK.”

6. Click “File,” “Import” once again, then choose an audio file you want to place with the video file. Once it imports in drag the audio file down into an open audio track (there are typically four to eight open audio tracks below the two you are currently using with your video file. This places the audio file (such as music) onto your video file.