Edit Text For Titles In Premiere Pro

The Adobe Premiere Pro program has a very handy title creation tool. Titles in a video can be created using any font available on your computer, and you can add logos, photos and other graphics to customize your movie titles as well. Titles can include any type of text, including the name of your movie, your actors and crew and even subtitles. Once you create titles and save them, there are any number of reasons why you may need to go back and edit them, such as spelling, additions or other minor edits. Here’s how.


1. Open Premiere Pro and your project with the edited sequence of video clips.

2. Double-click on the previously created, existing title in your Project Panel window to open the Title Editor window. You may also create a new title for the purposes of learning to edit it, by going to the File menu at the top of your workspace, and selecting “New,” then “Title.” Type a name and click OK. Type in some text, and close the window by clicking the “x” in the top right-hand corner.

3. Click on the Selection tool in your toolbox, and then double-click on the text at the point where you want to begin editing. The selection tool will automatically change to the Type tool. You cannot select the text tool and click on previously entered text to edit, as this will start a new line of text. When you click on the existing text with the selection tool, a cursor will appear at the point you selected with the mouse.

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4. Move the insertion point to the desired location in the text by clicking with the Left Arrow or Right Arrow keyboard keys. This will navigate to the desired point. You may now edit the text as you would in a Word document, such as deleting, adding letters to a word, or changing the spelling of a word

5. Drag from the insertion point selected with the mouse to highlight a number of text characters. To do this, hold down your left mouse button, dragging with your mouse to highlight the text.

6. Format the selected text using the available controls in the Title Editing Window when text is selected. You may change the font, the size, the color, or add effects such as “bold” or “italics.”

7. Finish your edits to text, and then click on the Selection tool again to close out. Close out of the title editing window by clicking on the “x” in the upper right hand corner of the editor window. Save your work often.