Edit Soundtracks In Final Cut Pro

Although Final Cut Pro is designed to work with the Soundtrack software for major sound editing, Apple’s video editing software can easily handle minor sound edits. While noise reduction and the like are the realm of Soundtrack, level adjustments, time trims and such can be dealt with in the Final Cut Pro Timeline. Read on to learn edit soundtracks in Final Cut Pro.


1. Drag the sound file from the asset list in the top left corner of the screen onto the Timeline.

2. Select the “Razor Blade Tool” from the buttons to the right of the Timeline to trim sound files. Play the sound file in the Timeline and stop the “Scrollhead” (yellow triangle and line showing the frame being played on the Timeline) at the place for cutting by pressing the space bar.

3. Adjust the Scrollhead to the exact frame to cut by using the arrow keys. Bring the cursor (shaped like a single-edged razor blade) to the Scrollhead’s line, and click to cut. Select the pointer (arrow at the top of the buttons on the right side of the Timeline), and use it to select and delete the trimmed portions of the file.

4. Move the sound file to the correct position in the same way video clips are moved.

5. Adjust the sound level by double clicking the sound file in the Timeline. The sound file will be shown on the Viewer window, and the level can be adjusted by changing the value of the decibel measurement (which usually starts at 0dB) in the measurement window at the top of the Viewer window.

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6. Add audio transitions to fade from one sound file to another.

7. Render the project to apply audio edits. Save the project often.