Edit Sound Effects With Premiere Pro

If you are just starting out working with Premiere Pro, but have completed some basic video edits, it is time to move on to your sound editing. If your audio is good, but not perfect, you can use Premiere Pro to make some basic changes. Adobe Premiere Pro has simple functions built in to allow you to edit effects directly from within the Timeline panel. You can also edit effects that have been applied in the Audio Mixer using the Timeline panel.


1. Open the program and a project that has video with audio tracks edited.

2. Expand your audio track’s view by clicking the little triangle to the right of the audio track name. Click on the “Show Keyframes” button. In the pop-up menu that opens, click on “Show Track Keyframes.’

3. To edit track effects in the Timeline panel you must first apply an effect. From the Effect Panel, click on Audio Effects bin, and then choose the appropriate effect from the list.

4. Click the effect, and drag it directly to the audio track.

5. Next, go to the track’s menu. It is located at the very top left hand corner of your track. A menu will open listing Volume, defaulted at the top, and then all effects you have applied will be listed.

6. Add Keyframes at the point in your track where adjustments need to be made.

7. Select the Pen tool to drag Keyframes up and down to adjust accordingly. Save your work often when making many adjustments.

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