Edit Sony Handycam Videos

Edit your Handycam video files on a computer system.

Sony is a large electronics company that manufactures a broad range of products and accessories. The Handycam is a brand used to market Sony’s series of digital camcorders. These devices are able to record video clips and capture still images. In order to edit your video clips, you must first transfer them to a computer and open them with some editing software; Windows default video-editing software is Windows Movie Maker.


1. With the device switched off, connect it to a free USB port on your computer using the USB cable.

2. Connect the AC adapter power cord to the camcorder and turn it on.

3. Flip the screen open and select “Computer” from the USB selection menu.

4. Click the “Start” icon on your computer and open “Computer.” Double-click the folder allocated to the camcorder to open it.

5. Open “MP_ROOT” to access your standard-definition video files or “AVCHD” to access your high-definition files.

6. Select a file you wish to edit, then click and drag it to the desktop to copy it to your computer.

7. Right-click the video file on your desktop and select “Open With.” From the program list, select “Windows Movie Maker” and click “OK.” The file will now open in Windows Movie Maker where you can edit it.

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