Edit Sd Video

An SD (standard definition) video is a movie file with a horizontal resolution of less than 720 lines (typically 576 lines or fewer). Although this type of video does not have as much picture quality as HD video files, it is possible to edit the movie content on your computer with the pre-installed Windows Movie Maker. Once the files have been imported into the software, the editing process is no different from cutting together (editing multiple video clips) a high-definition movie.


1. Click “Start,” then “All Programs,” and choose “Windows Movie Maker” (“Windows Live Movie Maker” in Vista and Windows 7). The video editing program loads onto the screen. Depending on how you installed the Windows Live applications (for Windows Vista and 7) you may need to select “Windows Live” first, then choose “Windows Live Movie Maker

2. Choose “File,” “Import,” then choose the SD video files you want to edit (click “Add” in “Windows Live Movie Maker,” then choose the video you want to add). The file imports into Windows Movie Maker, then loads into the video library on the left side of the program window.

3. Double-click the video file you want to edit. It appears in the display window on the right side of the screen.

4. Press the “Play” button directly below the video viewer and the SD movie starts. Click the “Mark In” tab to select the first frame of your desired clip, then press the “Mark Out” tab to choose the last frame of your clip. This highlights the area in between the two clips. (The two buttons are located next to the “Play” button.)

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5. Drag the edited clip down to the timeline. This is the first edit in your video. Repeat the process with all of the video clips you want to add to the movie.

6. Click and hold down the left mouse button on one of the clips you have in the timeline. If you want to change the order of the clips you may drag the clip you have selected into a different location on the timeline. The video editor automatically inserts it in between the two clips (if moving the video between two different editing clips on the timeline) or automatically attached it to the end of the edited timeline. If you want to remove a clip from the timeline, click the clip once to highlight it, then press “Delete” to remove it from the timeline.

7. Click “File,” “Save Movie As,” then title the video file, select a location to save the file to and click “OK” to export the finished video.