Edit Real Video Files

Edit Real video files on your computer using Moviemaker.

Real video files are files that have been captured using RealPlayer. A Real video file can not be imported into some video editing programs and must first be converted to another format such as Windows Media Video (WMV) files. This can be done using RealPlayer converter or other converters. The video can then be imported into video editing programs such as Movie Maker, a free editing program that comes as part of the standard Microsoft Windows software bundle.


1. Choose and download a Real video converter from the Cnet website (see Resources). Click “Download Now.” Accept the license agreement and click “Next” through the prompts. Choose a destination location on your computer to save the converter.

2. Open the converter by clicking on the “Start” program. Click on “All Programs.” Click on the converter name.

3. Click “Add files.” Click on the Real video file you want to convert. Click “Convert to.” Click “Popular.” Click “Video Formats.” Click “WMV” and then click “OK.” Click the large green “Start” button on the converter to convert it to a WMV file.

4. Download Movie Maker from the Live website (see Resources). Click “Download.” Accept the license agreement and scroll through the prompts, clicking “Next” and then clicking “Finish.”

5. Open Movie Maker by clicking on the “Start” menu and typing “Movie Maker” in the “Search Programs and Files” search bar. Click on Movie Maker.

6. Add the converted Real video file by clicking “Add Videos and Photos.” Click on the file you want to edit and click “Open.”

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7. Add music to your video by clicking “Add Music.” Locate the audio file with music that you want, click on it and click “Open.”

8. Click on “Title” to type in a title text that will appear before the video starts. Click “Caption” to add captions that will appear over the video and click “Credits” to add credits to the video. Credits can be the names of those who produced it and or the folks who are in it.

9. Click and drag the vertical scroll bar that is located on the video clip to scroll through the video.

10. Click on “Visual Effects” to add effects such as making the video black and white or sepia tone. Click on “Brightness.” Click and drag the control bar to the right to add brightness and to the left to make the video appear darker.

11. Click the right arrow “Play” button on the Movie Maker viewer to watch your edited video.

12. Click on the blue box at the upper left of your screen and click “Save Movie.” Choose save it. For example, if you want to save the edited movie to be played on a portable video device, click “For Portable Device or Mobile Phone.” Choose a destination location on your PC and click “Save.”