Edit Pdf Files In Osx

Searching for a .pdft editor that meets your needs

There are many options to edit .PDF files in Mac OS X. Depending on your specific needs, whether personal or office use, you can find a program that will provide you with all the tools you need for .PDF edits. Some software are free, while others can be a bit pricey. Because there are so many programs to choose from, finding one to meet your needs can be challenging. Before you choose, decide what type of edits you need to be able to make, as some programs only allow minor edits to be made to the original document.


1. Check the available program included with Mac OSX. This program is ideal for personal or small office use and best of all it’s free. Preview Free is a Macintosh application that is included in all Mac OS X install. You can find the application in Snow Leopard. With this program you can make basic edits such as inserting electronic signatures, drawing shapes ad comment boxes, and writing text directly in the document by adding a text box. For more features, check the User’s Guide included with the program. You may find out that this suits your needs just fine and avoid spending money on another software

2. Try Scribus. Download the Scribus software free directly from their website. This programs is good for home and small office, allowing basic edits. With this open source desktop publishing application you can create your own .PDF documents and make edits similar to the Mac application included in Snow Leopard.

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3. Visit the PDFPEN website if you need a .PDF editing tool that will allow you to make more edits that the previous software. Beware that you may have to shell out a couple bucks if your looking to make major edits to .PDF documents. This software is very similar to Adobe Acrobat for a fraction of the price. PDFPEN allows you to create your own .pdf documents and change text by selecting the text you wish to change and inserting and editable text box. You can expect to pay around $50 for this program

4. Look into Adobe Acrobat if PDFPEN or the other programs do not have exactly what your looking for. Acrobat is the most popular .PDF editing software on the market and also the most expensive, but with this program there are no limitations. You can create, edit and distribute .PDF documents easily. Ideal for small and large offices, as you can also combine and multiply files into a single .PDF and import emails, images and spreadsheets. Adobe Acrobat costs $299