Edit Out The First 30 Seconds Of A Video

Editing out a portion of your video is quite simple with a basic video editing program.

With the help of video editing programs such as Windows Movie Maker and Mac’s iMovie, which come standard on many computers, it’s quite simple to make changes to videos. The possibilities include cutting out certain sections, adding in music, or inserting transitions and other cool effects. If you have a video that needs a bit of trimming, you’re going to get familiar with the basic functions of video editing in order to accomplish the task. To get started, you will need to make sure the video file you’re working with is compatible with the video editing program you’re using.


1. Open your video editing software and start a new project. While each program is different, this is typically achieved by clicking “File,” then “New,” then giving the file a name.

2. Import the video you want to edit. Click “File,” then “Import” or “Import File.” Choose the video file from the files and folders on your computer, or from a removable device such as an external hard drive or thumb drive; then click “Import.” When it’s imported, the video file should appear in the “Events” or file queue of your editing program.

3. Drag the video file from the file queue to the Timeline of your editing program. The Timeline is typically located in the lower half of your video editing program, and is the place that allows you to begin making edits to the video.

4. Use your cursor to highlight the first 30 seconds of video on the Timeline. Use your cursor to “scrub” or “view” the video you’ve highlighted to make sure you’ve selected the correct portion. As you hover your cursor over a certain section of the Timeline, that video should appear in the Preview window of your video editor.

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5. Click “Delete” while the video you want removed is highlighted. This should cause that portion of the video to disappear from the Timeline. You now have a version of your video with the first 30 seconds removed.

6. Export the video to use it for whatever purpose you choose. Click “Share” from the top menu of the video editor to save the video you just created. When prompted, give the file a name that is different than the source video, as you now have two files — one with the original content included and one with the first 30 seconds removed.