Edit Out Commercials On Dvd Recorders

Editing the commercials out of a recorded television program is an extremely easy operation with the right software. Several free editing programs are available online that can do it. Womble MPEG Video Wizard DVD, TMPGEnc Plus, and Video ReDo are among the programs. See resources for a full list.


Womble MPEG Video Wizard DVD

1. Insert the DVD with the program into your computer.

2. Download the MPEG file onto the hard drive and run the Womble MPEG Video Wizard DVD.

3. Open the folder with the MPEG file and drag the file to the “Input” monitor in the program.

4. Right click the input monitor. A menu will pop up. Choose “BookMark Browser.”

5. Push the BlankFades button. The program will automatically search the file for places where fades are detected.

6. Press the “Drag” button in the bookmark browser window.

7. Drag the whole video onto the timeline. Once the video has been transferred to the timeline, you will see all the spots where the bookmark browser has marked fades.

8. Double-click on each section. Verify these are commercials and check any sections right next to the fades. They could be commercials as well.

9. Press Shift+Delete to remove a section and preview the edit in the output monitor.

10. Repeat this step for every commercial break.

11. Click the export button in the timeline.

12. Type the name of the file in the “Save As” window.

13. Save the file under the type “automatic” and click “save.”

TPMGEnc Plus

14. Go to the “Merge & Cut” tab.

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15. Add a source file. You can add as many source files as you wish.

16. Click on the file you wish to edit and press the “edit” button.

17.Use the “mark in” ( { ) and “mark out” ( } ) buttons, which are located to the lower right of the screen, to mark the area of the tape you wish to keep.

18. Click “OK” when finished. You will return to the previous screen.

19. Click “RUN.” This may take a while, but once the process is finished your file will be saved with all your changes.

20. Repeat the operation for each commercial section.

Video ReDo

21. Open a file to edit. The entire timeline will be green, meaning the entire file is saved at this point.

22. Go to the View menu.

23. Click “Show thumbnails.” Thumbnail pictures will appear below the screen.

24. Move the timeline’s cursor to the black frames just before the start of the first commercial. The audio graph will hit a low point when the audio cuts out right before the commercial.

25. Press the “Set Start” button. A mark will appear at the spot you selected.


Move the cursor to the end of the commercial.


Press the “Set End” button. Another mark will appear here.


Press the “Cut Selection” button. The section between the two marks will turn red. This means it has been successfully deleted.


Repeat this process for every commercial break.


Press the “Save As” button. The file will be saved with the changes you made.

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