Edit Multiclip Links In Adobe Premiere Pro

When you are editing a video project in Adobe Premiere Pro, it is important to also pay attention to your audio elements. The more complex your project is, the more layers of audio you will have within your Timeline. This is when you may find it beneficial to “link clips” in your project. Linking clips can be very useful, because they will remain in sync if you move or trim them in your Timeline panel. You can link a video clip to multiple audio clips, or you can link multiple audio clips together. You can also apply audio effects simultaneously to all of the channels of your linked clips, as well as trim them.


1. Open the Premiere Pro program, and your project. Select multiple clips to be linked together by holding down the Shift key, and then clicking the clips with your mouse.

2. Link the clips together by going to the “Clip” menu at the top of your Premiere Pro workspace, and then go to Link.This will link all selected clips together.

3. Double click on one of the linked clips in the project panel. You can also go to the timeline panel and double-click the linked clips to begin the edit process using the source monitor to view your work.

4. Specify the “In” and “Out” points for the track using the source monitor panel. Click on the panel and then press Play or use the current time indicator to locate your In point. Press the In point icon when you locate it. Repeat for the Out point. Using this option, the times chosen for your In and Out points will apply to all of your linked clips.

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5. Specify the “In” and “Out” points for a specific track in the Timeline, by using the current time indicator to “scrub” through the footage to the correct point. Note that in the timeline panel, your In and Out points will be different for each clip or track that has a different length of time.

6. Edit your clips as needed. You can trim all linked clips using the razor tool, move linked clips using the selection tool, or add effects from the effects panel, the audio effects bin. All changes made will apply to each of the linked clips within the In and Out Points you have determined.