Edit Mpeg4 Video

MPEG-4 videos are compatible with computers and mobile devices.

Created by the Emmy Award winning Motion Picture Expert Group (MPEG), MPEG-4 is a video file extension associated with interactive mobile content. MPEG-4 videos are compatible with computers and mobile devices. If you are looking to edit an MPEG-4 video to create new content, you will need to convert the file to a new format. Acceptable formats for both Mac and PC users include .FLV (flash video) or .AVI (audio video interleave). Online file conversion websites help simplify the conversion process.


1. Choose a free online video download website, such as Zamzar.com or Clipnabber.com, to capture the video you wish to edit. These websites require the URL link in order to locate the video clip on the website.

2. Type in the URL of the video landing page into the command bar provided on the website. In the next step, enter your email address. Once the video is downloaded, you will be sent a link to access your new file.

3. Save the new file to your computer. Next, upload the video file to a file conversion website. Zamzar.com also allows free file conversions. Enter your email address and the converted file will be forwarded to you once it is converted.

4. Save your converted file to your computer, then open it in your computer‘s video editing software. Mac computers usually come with iMovie and PCs with XP operating systems and later, come with Microsoft Movie Maker.

5. Open your video editing software. Click the option to import your video file. The video clip will appear allowing you the preview your clips, separate clips, add music and other visual effects. Scroll your cursor over each icon in the menu for a description of each item.

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6. Trim unwanted video from the clip using the “separate clip” or “razor” tool. Cut away loud noises and and shaky camera movements.

7. Export your completed video to DVD or into a media file to be uploaded to the internet.