Edit Mp4 Video In Roxio

Roxio Media Creator is a powerful, multi-faceted DVD and Blu-Ray converter and burner, also capable of editing DVD movies and other video formats like MP4s (MPEG-4) in its sub-program called Videowave. MP4s are one of the most common video formats among PC, Mac and Internet users–also well known for its compatibility with cell phones, MP4 players and other portable media devices.


1. Turn your computer on and click the “Start” button on the left side of your computer’s main screen. Hold your mouse over “All Programs” and navigate to Roxio Easy Media Creator. Hold your mouse over the Roxio icon and click the “Home” application. Select “Videowave.”

2. Click “File > Create a New Production.” Press the “Add Photo/Video” icon in the upper left corner of the screen. Browse your hard drive for the desired MP4 file and click “Open.”

3. Click “View > Timeline” to switch to editor’s Timeline mode.

4. Navigate to the point of your video where you want to make your first cut. Click the “Add” marker. Repeat for the end point of your clip so you have a selected portion to remove.

5. Click the space between the two markers and press the “Trim Selected Sections” button to remove the desired portion of video. Repeat as needed for any other sections of video you need to remove.

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